Next 2020 Season 1 English+Esub {episode 10 added} 480p & 720p HDRip


Released: 2020
Genre: Crime, Drama, Science Fiction
Network : Fox
Synopsis: The former CEO of a technology company turns into a cyber security officer to prevent the emergence of a rogue artificial intelligence …

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Next.S01E01:  480p | X265 720p 

Next.S01E02:  480p | X265 720p

Next.S01E03:  480p | X265 720p

Next.S01E04:  480p

Next.S01E05:  x265720p | 480p

Next.S01E06:  x265720p | 480p

Next.S01E07:  x265720p | 480p

Next.S01E08:  x265720p | 480p

Next.S01E09:  x265720p | 480p

Next.S01E10:  x265720p | 480p

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